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Terima kasih, paket yang dibeli sampai dengan selamat. Packing sip dan rapi. 7 kaset pesanan saya dalam kondisi bagus. Ga' kecewa sudah pesan di Veringameshop. Terima kasih Mas Steven

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Harga murah, proses cepat, kemarin order hari ini udah sampai, thanks!

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Trims Verin, 4 kaset ps4 nya udah sampai, tamatin dulu baru beli lagi, he,.3x

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PS3 Ultimate Stealth Triple Pack

PS3 Ultimate Stealth Triple Pack
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Price: Rp.310,000
Availability: In Stock
Model: Region 1 / USA / English
Average Rating: Not Rated

Rejoice stealth game series fans! Reveal that conceal money in thy pocket! As Square Enix gives tribute to their loyal fans! Three of the finest stealth game series will be at your hand with affordable price: Thief, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and Hitman: Absolution in their Ultimate Stealth Triple Pack.


Infiltrate, steal, and escape – follow Garrett as he takes the path of the world’s legendary master thief. Garrett sneaks in the shadows and gather various riches with his unmatched new enhanced abilities, amazing equipment and incredible vision. “You will not see me coming, what yours is mine.”

Deus Ex: Human Revolution:

Adam Jensen, a security specialist employed by Sarif Industries, was given a task to protect the America’s most experimental biotechnology facility at Detroit. Suddenly, the facility was attacked by an arm group using his security plan and leaves Adams in the pit of death, eventually he survives after undergoing extensive augmentation. With the super-enhanced beings acquired, Adams seeks to unveil the plot of an unknown person who works very hard to ensure mankind’s evolution follows a particular path.

Hitman: Absolution:

Hitman: Absolution follows the story of the Original Assassin - Agent 47, as no contract will be left unfinished with his arsenal of weaponries and unique Hitman instinct. Betrayed by people he trusted and hunted by the cops, Agent 47 will not be wavered to seek the truth within a dark conspiracy in the corrupt and twisted world.

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